Thursday, October 24, 2013

Trying the Paleo Diet

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A couple of years ago we discovered my little guy has a couple of issues that require additional support.  If you have been through anything similar, you can relate to exploring numerous strategies to help your child.

Enter the diet discussion. Some doctors think it's absolute bunk and other professionals are strong advocates for using diet to help with various issues.  Our household is not big on dairy consumption, with the random appearance of cheese on our plates, an occasional serving of greek yogurt and a splurge of ice cream when my husband and I get a Friday night craving.  We drink almond milk and don't eat creamy foods.  We've tried gluten-free meals for brief periods of time, although we haven't been strict with a truly gluten-free kitchen. But when a professional we work with suggested eating a Paleo diet, we decided to give it a go.

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I have a little head start with this concept since we've already reduced gluten and dairy intake.  However, this will require some definite changes on my part with shopping and cooking.  Notice I said we've reduced intake, not eliminated intake of gluten and dairy.  We cheat.  Quite a bit.  My husband, who detests all manner of gluten-free baked goods, will have to make some sacrifices. 
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Truthfully, I'm in the research-and-gather stage of learning about the concept and looking for ways to implement the diet into our home.  I'm not sure yet how this will evolve and how we'll handle dinners out, birthday parties, etc.  It's all a journey!  I've shared a few links to resources I'm reading right now.  Michelle Tam was a Nutrition and Food Science major and now is a pharmacist, wife, mom and CrossFit athlete who blogs about the Paleo diet she and her family follow.  My favorite so far!  Robb is a former biochemist who wrote the bestseller The Paleo Solution--The Original Human Diet.  He trains athletes and shares his experience and knowledge on several platforms. This is another great site.  A team of fitness and nutrition specialists give recipes and helpful information on eating well.  Whole9 founders Dallas and Melissa Hartwig are the authors of It Starts with Food.  Mark Sisson provides a wealth of health and fitness information related to the Paleo lifestyle.  Information and recipes are given for families and children eating a Paleo diet.

 Let me clearly state that I'm new to this and certainly not making recommendations for anyone else.  The above links are helping me to learn but careful research should be done by each individual before trying something new!

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