Thursday, October 17, 2013

Plenty of Light

My husband and I have moved a lot.  When I say that we have moved a lot, I mean that in ten years of marriage we have moved six times.  That may not be a record, but it doesn't take rocket science to know that we have moved at least every other year as an overall average.

I know quite well how to navigate all the realty sites and hone in on the features that are the most pleasing to us in the current house hunt.  What I love, however, usually cannot be found on a realty listing.  I'm talking about--of course--finding plenty of light.

I have often endured tight spaces and dated bathrooms and awkward designs in favor of a home with light that pours in generously through windows and doors.  My husband has learned by now that I am willing to sacrifice many "must-have's" for a beautifully bright home.  As soon as we are all appropriately clothed so as not to offend the neighbors in nearby driveways climbing into their cars, my blinds and curtains are open to allow as much natural light as possible to illuminate our space.  Initially, my husband was somewhat frustrated with the nightly routine to untangle cords as we lowered all the blinds that had been pulled to the very top of the frames.  While I try to do it myself, now he doesn't mutter a word of protest as we cover windows when dark closes in for the evening.  Fortunately he has learned to accept yet one more quirk in his wife and is willing to go along for the ride.

Light illuminates.  It brightens.  It provides the way when we can't see to find our footing. It invites.  It reveals that which has been hidden.  It glows softly in a gently-lit room at night.  It beams rays of sun in a cloudless blue sky.  It brings a new sky after stormy weather.  It exposes the true nature of an object slightly concealed by darkness.  It warms our bodies and hearts after a season of winter. It fosters growth and nourishes life. 

Illuminating new discoveries, looking up and ahead to bright skies, showing the way, inviting others in, revealing secrets that have been hidden, unveiling truth, glowing with beauty, bringing joy and new beginnings, giving warmth after cold, fostering growth, nourishing life.

Plenty of light.  Living with plenty of light in my home, in my family and friendships, in my faith, in my spirit, and in the daily pursuit of life to the fullest. Finding light in daily adventures that make up the weeks and months and years--that's what this blog is about.  It is a journal of finding light on sunny days when you don't have to look too hard, finding it on the miserably stormy days when it take more intention, and all the days that fall somewhere in between.

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